Gateway Bikers ~ Ride Outs

JULY 7th 2018
We had our first ride on Saturday 7th July 2018.
Out of six people in Gateway with bikes – three of them actually worked – so there were three of us on the ride.
Only one of us ran out of fuel after 5 miles….apparently this wont happen again.
We had two 125s and a 650 so we kept to a sustainable speed and left no one behind.
The weather was great and there wasnt much traffic.
The route was Shilbottle to  Belford via the A1 then the back roads down to The Ingram Valley – then back to Shilbottle.
It was an excellent time and we will be doing it gain – but with a longer route next time.
You are very welcome to come and join us  – just email us via the website to let us know you’re interested.