Gateway into Life

Gateway into Life is a new charity that aims to break the cycle of re-offending, relapse and homelessness. It helps those people to reconnect and reintegrate into society by:

¨ Demonstrating the unconditional love of Jesus

¨ Providing accommodation at an affordable cost for vulnerable adults including ex-offenders, people with addiction problems or who are homeless

¨ Assisting tenants into work, education or training, encouraging them back into   society

¨ Sharing how to have a living relationship with Jesus

To achieve these aims Gateway into Life :

¨ Works in partnership with Gateway Church Northumberland

¨ Works in partnership with Hope into Action

¨ Aims to work with other appropriate local agencies and churches as the charity grows

Gateway into Life is operating as a franchise of Hope into Action under the name Hope into Action: Northumberland to provide the housing element of the charity.




Chair of Trustees Phone: 01669 620 978



Gateway into Life is a Registered Charity No.: 1184557